Sunday, September 19, 2010

Well, the quilt show is over....

Family and friends, please take note. The next time a quilt show approaches, please remind me that I can not enter every quilt that I am currently working on. This year I was determined to enter 5 quilts, 3 of which were not quilted when I entered them and 1 was still in pieces. I worked diligently on them until the very last hour. The night before they were due, I was up until midnight finishing up the hanging sleeves and rounding up the pillowcases.

I am happy to say that my work paid off. In the large two person quilt category, I won! (Along with Shannon, aka Doodlebug.)

This quilt is titled "Never Again." If you have this pattern or kit, you will understand the name.

BTW : (TSC) 200-1=199