Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is on the design wall?

"Bubble Gum Explosion," or as my sister calls it, "Bubble Gum Fiesta." (Haven't decided on a title yet, still thinking about it.) This is the latest project on my design wall, and now it's finished. Whew! So, off the design wall and into a box, traveling cross country to the LAer.

Once again, I used a bali pop. A watermelon bali pop to be exact. (I have a box full of those things and I think they are multiplying.) The blocks are 16" and the quilt turned out quite large. It looks complicated but was very easy and I like the variety of the fabrics.

Speaking of bali pops and variety, have you seen the latest series? No fun prints, just monochromatic colors. What's the fun in that? Good thing I've got a few more stashed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A few left to go........

One of the BOMs I am currently working on, Christmas Favorites by Nancy Halvorsen, is almost done. Two more done and two left to go.

This has been a fun little quilt to make. I plan on keeping this one.