Tuesday, September 4, 2018

NQR-More Fair Entries

When a blond headed, blue eyed Princess tells you she wants her Christmas stocking to be pink and purple, the discussion is over. Here's what happened.....

Also, friends have a child getting married later this year. I made a little hankie for the bride.

Fair registration is the end of the week and there are several items that will need a home after the fair closes. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The County Fair Approaches

Creating entries for the county fair is always a challenge for me. Judges like things that are trendy, (recycled items for example) or things that represent the area or state. Being in "Georgia Bulldog" territory, my first completed entry is not going to sit well with the judges. Let's see if this one wins a ribbon or not:
BTW: this item will need a new home. Leave a comment and after the fair, it could arrive on your doorstep.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Race to the Finish

Which came first, the baby or the quilt?  In this case, the quilt, but just barely. The mommy-to-be had a few contractions and I knew that quilt had to get finished. Contractions have stopped and I have finished the quilt.
Here is the anatomy of my latest creation: 1) Start with the borders and sashing. Having made this quilt before, the border dimensions are given last and as usual, I am running back to the fabric shop for more fabric.
2) add the foxes
3) add the bunnies
4) add the hedgehogs and relocate the foxes 
5) add the owls
6) add the thistles
7) add the butterflies
Add an all-over stipple quilting pattern and binding.Whew! Finished quilt:
Wishing mommy and daddy a very happy, healthy baby boy---and very happy that I finished the quilt (86) before the little one arrived.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Baby Girl arriving SOON!

As mentioned in my last post, several friends are having babies or grandchildren. The first one scheduled to arrive, should be here within the next two weeks. Both mom & dad, along with grandma are counting down. Dad painted the bedroom a unique color of what I would call "periwinkle-lavender." It's a beautiful color, but you know I'm never going to be able to match fabric to that exact color. My plan became "pastels" and I found a grey fabric that had a shimmering fiber for the border. (Hey, after all, a girl, no matter what age, has to have some BLING.) Off to the sewing room, fabric flying, rotary cutter spinning and putting the petal to the metal, I finished with plenty of time to spare. Fresh out of the washer and dryer, I can't wait to place it into the gift bag and send it off to it's new home. (85) Doesn't this scream BABY?

For the backing, I couldn't resist. The "daddy to be" has a salt water aquarium. With "nemo" fabric, my plan was complete.
The quilting design is an all-over or edge-to-edge stipple pattern and the batting is polyester.
'Fancy Forest' by Elizabeth Hartman is the quilt pattern.
Next post will be another baby quilt. They just keep coming.......

Saturday, February 3, 2018

First finish of 2018

Fiestaware Explosion (84) is my first quilt finished in 2018. This is another of my 1-2-3 quilts and was made with a Timeless Treasure Tonga Treat where the colors remind me of Fiestaware dishes.
Lots of things happening in the sewing room. Friends are having babies or grandchildren and the fabric is flying. Stay tuned.......
I have decide to sell this quilt and the details can be found here.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ready for the Fair

My projects are complete, all 10 of them. (Actually 11 if you count the set of doilies as two.) Don't think I will be overall winner this year since they changed the limit of entries from 10 to unlimited. (You know there is going to be a home-economics teacher that enters all 36 canning/jellies categories.)
Anyway, here is a picture of all and some of them will need new homes after the fair.
Here's the run down:
1.) Quilt - I will keep this one. 2.) Apron - dragonflies on navy blue with green trim - needs a new home. 3.) Fabric berry baskets - some need a new home. 4.) Fireside basket - I will keep this one. 5.) set of pillowcases - light blue/tan - needs a new home. 6.) "Bear" Christmas Stocking - has a new home. 7.) Multi colored doily - needs a new home. 8.) Set of doilies, ecru colored - needs a new home. 9). Christmas table runner (48") - needs a new home. 10.) Minions tissue box cover - needs a new home.

Ok family and friends, including those of you who are drive-bys, if you want something, leave a comment telling me which item you want. You are limited to ONE and first posted gets it. Also, if you are a drive-by, I will need to contact you so become a follower and please use a "working" email address.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Completed Project

I've been contemplating what to make for fair entries. While perusing my favorite blogs, I came across berry baskets made from fabric. Each basket is made with 3 different fabrics and a really stiff interfacing (Pellon 72F), which is quite pricey even with a discount coupon.
I came across a fat quarter bundle with 21 fabrics and it was ordered. That would give me 7 baskets, each using a different 3 fabric combination. For the interfacing, each basket required a 5 inch strip which meant a yard would be sufficient with virtually no waste. (I love it when a plan comes together.)
Now that they are all completed, which 3 do I use as an entry in the needlecraft, kitchen item category?

Completed project no. 5 for the 17 completed projects in 2017 challenge.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Project No. 4 Completed and a Fair Entry

This quilt pattern, "Raise the Roof" by Carrie Nelson became an instant favorite the moment I saw it. This version is made with Civil War reproduction fabrics and quilted with an all over stipple pattern.

This quilt (82), will be one of my fair entries and is completed project no. 4 for the 17 completed projects in 2017 challenge.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Getting ready for the Fair

Everyone, this is Bear.
With the county fair fast approaching, one of my entries is going to be a Christmas stocking and I decided that Bear was going to have it. Christmas in July!

Wish me luck.
(Completed project No. 3 of 17 in 2017.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Completed Project. No. 2

Mo, the niece that attends Alabama, "Roll Tide," has a birthday coming up. Using a few odds and ends of fabric, here is her birthday present. It is a tetrahedron zippered storage pouch and yes, it does contain a surprise inside.
Happy Birthday!
and sis, be looking for it in the mail.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Mother's Birthday Present-Completed Project No. 1

If you follow my blog, you know that I'm always in a quandary as what to give mother for a birthday present. My "go to" item in the past has been pillows with a photo on them. This year is going to be a little different.
My inspiration is a granddaughter in the band at the University of Alabama and I was thinking that something pertaining to "Roll Tide" would be appropriate. (Not to be confused with the grandson who is at Auburn University, "War Eagle." Yes, we are a family divided.)
So, here is mom's birthday present and for once, I finished ahead of schedule. (Sis, be looking for it in the mail.)

New Years Resolution: 17 completed projects in 2017. This is no. 1, 16 left to go.)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting Ready for the Fair

This weekend I completed another project for the county fair which is in September. My plan is to enter 10 items, (the max), if I can get them all completed.  Every year I tell myself, I'm not entering, but then the brochure comes in the mail and my competitive side comes out.

No Marcus, you can not have it now.