Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Ready

While my pecan pie bakes in the oven for tomorrow's festivities, I thought I would do a little cleaning. The problem is, I have way too many quilts around here. It's time to give some of them away, so family and friends, decide which one you want and let me know.

The left side, is what I am giving away. The right side, I am keeping.
Quilts on the left side, starting from the top are: Thorn in My Side (58), Bali Stars 2 (65), Paper Plate Adventure (66), Bubble Gum Fiesta (61), Scrappy Pineapple (64), Scrappy Log Cabin 2 (67) and Scrappy Log Cabin 3 (68).

Happy Thanksgiving and btw, my pie smells wonderful.