Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting Ready for the Fair

This weekend I completed another project for the county fair which is in September. My plan is to enter 10 items, (the max), if I can get them all completed.  Every year I tell myself, I'm not entering, but then the brochure comes in the mail and my competitive side comes out.

No Marcus, you can not have it now.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Days Gone By

Many, many, many years ago, too numerous to count, I created a project for a local quilt shop. The quilt was compose mainly of showmen, where we personalized them to be our family or friends. There was a postman, a construction worker, a nurse, a businessman and many others.
Over the years, I often hear from someone either finishing the project or wanting to start a new one and see what the original quilt looked like. Finding the photo and sending it to them has always been a pain, so I decided to post it on my blog. Easy fix and I hope you enjoy the snowmen.
Quilt currently resides on the gulf coast (of all places) with my mother.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spreading the Joy!

When I spoke with my sister earlier today, I told her that my spare bedroom is covered up with too many quilts and some of them needed a new home. As usual, she wanted them, but knowing how many are already at her house, I said no, however, if she needed a graduation gift or something I'd be willing to send one. Wouldn't you know it, she needed one.......A co-worker is going to be having her 1st grandchild. Oh joy! (You know I can't pass that one up.)

Since the new addition is going to be a boy, I'm sending the one with the most blue in it. (Here's a close up.)
Sis, it's in the mail and I hope grandma Margaret likes it. (Quilt no. 76)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Gift for a Friend

Last year, someone did something very nice for me. I told her that I would make her a quilt and jokingly she replied, "yeah." A couple of weeks ago, I asked what was her favorite color and she replied, "PINK!" Have I got the quilt for her.

Using one of my favorite patterns and a "Watermelon" bali pop, here is the quilt I am sending to Wendy. Enjoy girlfriend and once again, thanks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Birthday Present In The Mail

As the norm, I am making mother's birthday present . . . a pillow with a photo. Trying to select which picture was a tough choice. There was a picture of the group who went to see "Star Wars," pictures of the grandchildren, and a couple of miscellaneous group shots from different events. None of those struck me with any bright ideas. Then my sister sent me a picture and I decided that was the one.

This year the picture I am using is that of mother's darling baby boy as a four year old. (My little brother is now over 6 ft. tall and 50-something.) The black and white photo would work well with black and white fabrics, so the decision was made and I went to work.

Happy Birthday mom.