Thursday, August 16, 2012

Closet Cleaning

Several years ago, someone gave me a quilt kit as a gift. I thanked them for the present and stressed very strongly, "They shouldn't have." The pattern and fabric were not to my taste so I squirreled it away in the closet, destined to never see the light of day.

Time has passed and I have not given the quilt kit another thought, that is, until the gifter came knocking on my door for a visit. She inquired as to how it was coming and she really wanted to see my progress. Oops!
Time was limited, we had somewhere else to be, and yes, I made a few excuses. After she left, I knew the situation would once again resurface and bite me. After all, she kept telling me how she drove over to another city all by herself just to find a quilt shop and how she would like to see it completed before she departs, and ........ well, you know the rest.

Two weeks ago, I dug out the kit and started stitching it together. My teeth hurt, but it is finished and is ready for the LAer, who assures me it will be back quite quickly. After completion, my plan is to give it back to her at Thanksgiving. It will fit in nicely with her decor.