Thursday, November 19, 2015

4 Blue Ribbons, 1 NQR

This year at the local fair, I entered 4 items and won 4 blue ribbons. Yea!

In the "Large Quilt Category," my designer BOM (from an on-line quilt shop,) received 1st place,
(ok family and friends, this one needs a home)

In the "Holiday House-Other Category," (all Christmas items are placed in "Holiday House,") my Santa Quilt placed 1st, (I'm keeping this one, don't even ask)

1st place in the "Quilted Kitchen Item Category," was my poppy table runner,

and the NQR item which won a blue ribbon in the "Crochet-Work-Fine Category," was a cream colored doily.

If you've never entered your work in a competition, consider entering your local or state fair. Who knows, you might win!