Saturday, September 3, 2011

What am I working on?

One of my co-workers stopped me the other day and asked why I wasn't posting pictures of things I was working on. She sees me occasionally during lunch working on a block and she asked me to post them so, here goes.
I have always loved Baltimore Album Quilts and one day I will have one. This block is called "Tree of Life." The entire quilt will be hand stitched, including the quilting. It is taking a long time, but when it is finished, I hope it will be one of those "wow!" quilts.
On to my next current project. . .

This block is called "Hunka, Hunka Burning Love" and is a tribute to Elvis.
I can tell when my husband is not interested in one of my projects. He says, "That isn't staying here is it?" However, when I started this block, he was so concerned with my tribute to Elvis and was checking it occassionally to make sure the sideburns were added. When I finished it, I made sure it met his approval.
This block is part of a little project I have going on. When I started this endeavor, I was concerned that no one would help out, however, I would like to thank Linda in Iowa for being the first to add her block to the festivities.
I'll be posting updates as they come in. It is going to be a nice suprise.