Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilt Going Home (#46)

We've all got them, you know, the UFO's stashed in our closets and dressers which seem perfectly harmless. However in this case, it was a flimsy UFO from the mid 90's which had been moved to three different states and I was not going to move it again. You may recognize the pattern, it was from the "J" store around 1995 as one of their first BOM's. Gotta love the color scheme.

Anyway, quilt buddy "Blondie" encouraged me to get it quilted and enter it in my guilds quilt show last year. I did complete it in time for the show, but what to do with it now?

After Christmas, one of my co-workers and bowling team member Dave, found a present on his desk. Wrapped so lovely with a card which read, "To: Dave and Mrs. Dave." He's one of the good guys and I knew he would give it a good home.

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