Monday, May 4, 2015

On the design wall.....

Long before this guy was spotted in my back yard,
one of my favorite quilt blocks was bear paws. Another favorite of mine when it comes to quilts is the color electric green, or as I call it,  "slime". Throw in one of my favorite designs of fabric, "dots" and you would have the trifecta of my favorite things to be in a quilt.

You can imagine my delight when I found a kit that incorporate all of these three things. My color choice was gold/brown or blue/green. You know which one I chose. Now this is on my design wall
along with this
 If thinking about making this kit, "Eldorado Canyon" by Chris Hoover/Whirligig Designs, let me offer a few suggestions.
First, cut the HST's just a skoosh bigger than called for. That way after the sections are sewn together, the pieces can be trimmed to exactly the correct size. As hard as I try, my HST's come out a little crooked and trimming them fixes that problem.
Second, pay careful attention to fabric placement in the bar block. There is a right direction and a wrong direction. After the block is sewn together, trust me, it will slap you in the face. Time to do a little un-sewing.
And third, pay close attention to the pressing direction. Another one of those things that will jump up and bite you.
I made how many HST's?

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