Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spreading the Joy!

When I spoke with my sister earlier today, I told her that my spare bedroom is covered up with too many quilts and some of them needed a new home. As usual, she wanted them, but knowing how many are already at her house, I said no, however, if she needed a graduation gift or something I'd be willing to send one. Wouldn't you know it, she needed one.......A co-worker is going to be having her 1st grandchild. Oh joy! (You know I can't pass that one up.)

Since the new addition is going to be a boy, I'm sending the one with the most blue in it. (Here's a close up.)
Sis, it's in the mail and I hope grandma Margaret likes it. (Quilt no. 76)


  1. Thank you notes arrived! The momma-to-be and Grandma Margaret LOVED it!

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  3. vickie, thank you so much for the gorgeous quilt ! you do such great work. i absolutely love the colors, and i know we will treasure it for many years to come. you will be in our thoughts each time we use it.
    many thanks,
    the mom-to-be