Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thelma & Louise on a Road Trip

OK, we're not Thelma & Louise. How about piecrust and doodlebug on a road trip. Friday before last, we loaded the hotrod Lincoln and went south in search of a quilt shop, AST. I had never been there, but doodlebug had so I drove, she navigated. Good thing I was on a mission, otherwise I could have bought way
to-o-o much fabric.
My mission was to find sashing, cornerstone, and border fabric along with cream filler and the picture shows what I decided on. Forgot to get an inner border, but I think I can find a vivid pink a little closer to home.
This current project is assembling blocks from a recent block swap. With a block swap, you’re going to receive a large variety of colors and prints with no idea of where it will lead you. After assembly, I will post a picture.
BTW-Thread Spool Count (TSC) 202-1=201

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